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alleria upp | venice
Born April 18th 1937 in Zywiec. From 1946 till 1956 she lived in Bielsko-Biala where she
completed basic and secondary education. In the years 1957-1963 she studied at State High
School of Fine Arts in Wroc?aw under the supervision of Professor S. Dawski, where she
completed her MSc. In the year 1964 she received the Diploma of the Association of Polish
Artists Photographers. She is working in painting, photography, drawing, performance, and
video art. In 1970 she co-founded the PERMAFO Gallery in Wroclaw. Since 1975 she is
engaged in the International Feminist Art movement and took part in various symposiums and
exhibitions. Awards and honorary posts: The Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarship, New York,
1977; Commissioner of the I and II International Drawing Triennale in Wroclaw, 1978-1981;
vice chairman of the IV and VI International Drawing Triennale in Wroclaw, 1989-1995; “Verein
Kulturkontakte” Scholarship, Vienna, 1991; “PRO-HELVETIA” Scholarship, Switzerland, 1994;
since 2004 senior lecturer of the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan.


- Portret Galeria KMPiK, Wroclaw

- Fotoausstellung im Ilfot, Dresden, Germany

- Face Geography, Mucsarnok Gallery, Budapest.

- MUTANTS (with Z. Dlubakiem and A. Lachowicz), Galeria pod Mona Lisa, Wroclaw, Poland.
- Intimate Photography, PERMAFO Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
- MUTANTS – RELOP (with Z. Dlubakiem and A. Lachowicz), Galeria Wspó?czesna, Warsaw, Poland

- The Show, PERMAFO Gallery, Wroclaw

- PERMAFO – REMONT (with Z. Dlubakiem and A. Lachowicz), Galeria Remont,Warszawa
- „Sztuka konsumpcyjna” Galeria PERMAFO, Wroc?aw

- Gruppo PERMAFO (with Z. Dlubakiem and A. Lachowicz), Universitar
- Platenese, Buenos Aires
- Verborgene Seite, Paramedia Gallery, West Berlin

- Consumer Art and performance NATALIA 7! Art Center Belgrad
- Consumer Art (exhibition and flm projection), Wspólczesna Gallery, Warsaw
- NATALIA, Galleria Studio 46, Turin, Italy

— Arte del post-consumismo, Galeria Diagramma, Milan
— Space, Gallery of Photography, Wroclaw
- Exhibition together with Marina Abramovic and Gina Pane, Arte Verso Gallery, Genoa, Italy
- Altra Misura (together with Anette Messager, Suzanne Santoro, Stephanie Oursler), Galeria del Falconiere, Falconara
— Ancona

- Exhibition together with Andrzej Lachowicz, BWA Bialystok
- Artifcial Photography, Milchstrasse Gallery, Freiburg
- Categorical Statements from the Sphere of Post-consumption Art, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin

— Arte del post-consumismo, Gallery 16/e, Turin
— Problem Exhibition (with Andrzej Lachowicz), Studio Gallery, Warsaw
— séance, Dreaming, Museum of Architecture, Wroc?aw
— séance, Points of support, Czorsztyn

— Dreaming, Mala Gallery, Warsaw
— Seance, Reading St. John of the Cross, BWA Poznan
— Seance Dreaming, (video show), Mala Gallery, Warsaw
— Seance Dreaming, PERMAFO Gallery, Wroclaw
— Seance Dreaming, Wielki Mlyn Gallery, Gdansk
— Seance, Tocco della Storia, (with Achille Cavellini), Vespasian Forum, Brescia
— Several seances of Dreaming entitled Pyramid, performed in the big model of pyramid, Wroclaw Stablowice
— Exhibition Pyramid, PERMAFO Gallery, Wroclaw

— States of concentration, ON Gallery, Poznan
— Pyramid, Spojrzenia Gallery, Wroclaw

— Seance Adoration, St. Jean Catedral, Lyons
— Seance Twitchs, Slad Gallery, Lódz
— Record (drawings: The touch of devil), Jatki Gallery, Wroclaw
— States of concentration (private seances), Michalkowa

- Private seance The touch of devil, Michalkowa

- The touch of devil, BWA, Lublin

- Zustande and seans Rot und Schwarz, Galeria Galerico, Rosenheim, BRD

- Seans Scorpio Dance and Flight, Subbija Desert, Kuwejt

— Art and Liberty (the cycle Mystic Heads — mixing photgraphy with painting — and installation made of paintings),BWA Lublin
— Loose Space, "Na Ostrowie" Gallery, Wroclaw

— Loose Space, Mala Gallery, Warsaw
— Downy Tragedy (installation: paintings, beech wood, rabbit fur), Grodzka Gallery, Lublin

— Painting and photography (the cycles: Panic fear, Destructs, Downy tragedy), District Museum, Walbrzych
— Metaphysical Heads 1987—1989, Gallery A, Pozna? (during "Interart '88")

— Panic Space, Centre for Art Promotion, BWA Lodz
— Painting-Sculpture-Installation, BWA Wroc?aw
— Painting-Sculpture-Installation, BWA Sopot
— Natalia LL: Painting-Photography-Installation, BWA Szczecin

— Vision Space (installation: projection of the picture showing a head on the feld of chairs covered with white cloth),Stara Gallery BWA, Lublin
— Natalia LL: Raum der Panik (installation), IFA Gallery Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
— performance Europa at the exhibition "Kunst/Europa", Bonner Kunstyerein, Bonn

— Alpha and Omega (installation), Tower of Witches Gallery, BWA S?upsk
— Natalia LL, International Cultural Centre, Cracow

– Platonic Forms, Galeria Sztuki Wspó?czesnej BWA, Sandomierz
– Natalia LL: Art and Energy, Muzeum Narodowe in Wroc?aw

– Painting and installations, Muzeum ?l?skie, Katowice

– Allusive Space, Galeria Arsena? BWA, Bia?ystok
– Allusive Space, Frauen Museum, Bonn
– Return to the Source, Muzeum Warmii i Mazur, Galeria Zamek, Reszel
– Natalia LL, Muzeum Okr?gowe w Che?mie, Galeria 72, Che?m (works from the series of Consumer Art and Platonic Forms)
– New Installations, Galeria Pusta, Górno?l?skie Centrum Kultury, Katowice
– Gardens of Personalism, installation, performance and vernisage in the television studio TV5 in Wroc?aw

– Hortus Eroticus, Muzeum Okr?gowe, Wa?brzych
– Calamitas Calamitas, Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej, Zielona Góra galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | | galleria upp | venice
– Toniemy, to nie my, to niemy, Galeria Awangarda BWA, Wroc?aw
– Gardens of Personalism, Centrum Sztuki Wspó?czesnej – Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa (retrospective exhibition)

– The show of the triptych Panicky terror, Muzeum Sztuki, ?ód?

– Volucres Coeli, Galeria Sztuki Wozownia, Toru? (works from the cycles: Heavenly Birds and Freedom Birds)

– Freedom Birds, Galeria w Hallu, Centrum Kultury i Sztuki, Kalisz (installation with a banner and drawings)
– Summaries, Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko–Bia?a

– Consumer Art, brot.undspiele galerie, Berlin (works from the cycles: Consumer Art, Postconsumer Art, Points of
– The whole of the parts, Galeria Awangarda BWA, Wroc?aw

– Visionary Body, 10th Kraków Photography Decade, Pauza Gallery, Kraków

– Natalia LL, Galeria Foto–Medium–Art, Kraków (works from the cycles: Velvet terror, Consumer Art, Postconsumer Art,Eroticicsm of terror)
- Softness of a Touch, BWA Gallery, Zielona Góra
- Animal Art and not much known episode of Consumer Art, Gallery 86, ?ód?

- Natalia LL, Works from the series Fury hairiness and Consumption Art, Art New Media Gallery, Warsaw
- Natalia LL, BWA/ZPAF Photography Gallery, Kielce

- Natalia LL, Opera Omnia 3. Energetic intimacy, Ego Gallery, Pozna?
- Natalia LL, Opera Omnia II -Energy of Personality, brot.undspiele galerie, Berlin
- Gold Glan, award given to Natalia LL by Cinema-Galerie Charlie, ?ód?

- Prywatne Magie OPERA OMNIA, Galeria FF, Forum Fotografi, ?ód?
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | | galleria upp | venice
– "Opera Omnia" Muzeum Narodowe, Wroc?aw 15.02 - 3.05.2011ore
– - "Donatio - Istnienie i Nadzieja" ze zbioru OPERA OMNIA, Oddzia? Sztuki Nowoczesnej Muzeum Narodowego,
Gda?sk 19.09 - 20.11.2011 mor
- "Natalia LL - OPUS MAGNUM", Ernst Muzeum, Budapeszt 19.01 - 18.03.2012wi?cej


— Ali-Polish Festival of Students Photography, Toru? (1st prize)
— All-Polish Exhibition "Poland '62", Warsaw (photography)

Participation in: District Exhibition of Photography ZPAF, BWA Wroc?aw.
— 3rd International Exhibition of Art Photography, CBWA Warsaw
— All-Polish Exhibition of Applied Photography, CBWA Warsaw (prize)
- Ogólnopolska Wystawa „Rze?ba w fotografi”, CBWA Zach?ta, Warszawa (nagroda)
- Ogólnopolska Wystawa Fotografi „ONA”, CBWA Zach?ta, Warszawa (nagroda)
- Wystawa Fotografi „Von Glück des Menschen”, Berlin, DDR
- Europhoto ’68, Munich
- IV Zagreb Salon Internationale de Photographie, Zagrzeb
— Foto Expo '69, BWA Pozna?
— All-Polish Exhibition of Young Graphics, BWA Pozna?
— 4th All-Polish Exhibition of Graphics, CBWA Warsaw
— Polish Photography, Sofa
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |
galleria upp | venice
— Polish Photography, Belgrade
— 29th International Photographic Salon of Japan, Tokyo
— Visual Arts Symposium Wroc?aw '70, Museum of Architecture, Wroc?aw
— "Proposition I" and "Proposition II", exhibitions after Visual Artists Meeting in Osieki
— SP (Idea Art), Gallery "Pod Mon? Liz?", Wroc?aw
(works: Permanent registration — 24 hours, and Warrant of Arrest)
The exhibition was made of content of one of 300 identical envelopes which contained the same material and were 300
originals of the exhibition.
— All-Polish exhibition of photography "Portrait", CBWA Warsaw (prize)
— Polish Photography, Copenhagen
— Foto '70, District Exhibition ZPAF, BWA Wroc?aw
— Searching Photographers, Wspó?czesna Gallery in Warsaw and following expositions in Milan, Parma, Torino
— Symposium "Golden Grape", Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej, Zielona Góra (spherical projection of 1500 photographs of
erotic scenes)
— III Triennale of Drawing, Architecture Museum, Wroc?aw
— All-Polish exhibition "Theatrical drawing Wroc?aw", Wroc?aw
— Foto-71, District Exhibition ZPAF, BWA Wroc?aw

— NS — New Situation (the publication and the show organized by PERMAFO Gallery
— The Show of 12, PERMAFO Gallery, Wroc?aw
— Turów 71 (exhibition after workshop), BWA Wroc?aw
— Atelier 72, Edinburgh International Festival, Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh (work: Intimate Photography)
— Polish Photography, Buenos Aires
— Polish Contemporary Photography, Foundation Patio, Geneva; and Kunsthalle, Nuernberg
— Films, PERMAFO Gallery, Wroc?aw
— Polnische Kunst 1973. Malerei und Plastik aus Polen, Kunsthalle, Mannheim
— Polish Photography, Kassel and Nuernberg
— Polish Contemporary Photography; Tokyo, New York, Kassel, Chalon-Sur-Saonne
— V Biennial of Polish Poster, BWA Katowice (prize)
— Comparisons V, BWA Sopot
— Cracow Meetings, BWA Kraków
— Omaha Flow System, Joslyn Art Museum, Joslyn
— Polish Contemporary Art; Copenhagen, Aalborg, Mannheim
— Foto '73 — District exhibition of photography ZPAF, BWA Wroc?aw
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |, galleria upp | venice
— V International Biennial of Graphics, BWA Cracow
— Experiences and Searches, Muzeum Sztuki, ?od? (Consumer Art)
— New Generation, National Museum, Wroc?aw (drawings)
— Polnische Gegenwartskunst 1945—1973, Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum, Duisburg (works: Intimate Sphere, 24 hours)
— IV Triennale of Drawing, Wroc?aw participation in the flm "Live Gallery" by Józef Robakowski

— Aspects of Contemporary Polish Art, Wspó?czesna Gallery, Warsaw
— Flash Art Speciale Photographie, Galeria dell Milione, Milan
— Information and Emotions, National Museum, Warsaw
— IX Biennale de Paris, Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris
— 4th Meeting Festival Art, Beograd (flms and photographs)
— Frauen Kunst — Neue Tendenzen, Krinzinger Gallery, Innsbruck (exhibition of feministic art)
— Magma, Brescia (exhibition of feministic art)
— Atuele Kunst uit Polen, exposed in: Eindho-ven, Apeldroon, Breda, Emmen
— Intentional Architecture, Museum of Architecture, Wroc?aw
— Internationale Kunstmark, Cologne
— Photography as Art; Zagreb, Beograd, Maribor
— Atuele Kunst aus Polen, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede
— Arte Fierra, Bologna
— Offer, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin
— XI Biennale Internationale d'Art, Palais del'Europe, Menton
— Exhibition 12 Artists — ECART Gallery, Geneva
— Photography (exhibition accompanying Biennial of Graphics in Cracow), Arkady Gallery, Cracow
— Filmprojection, ZONA Gallery, Florence
— Frauen machen Kunst (feministic art), Galerie Magers, Bonn
- Photo-Idea, Galeria d'Arte Moderna, Parma
— Magma, Museo Castelvecchio di Verona, and Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara
— Boundary stages of photography (exhibition and symposium), ZPAF Gallery, Katowice
— La Carte Postale, Malacorda Gallery, Geneva
— Frauen machen Kunst, Wolfsburg Castle
— 03-23-03 Project/Performances, Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |
galleria upp | venice
— CEAC-Video, Center of Art, Toronto
— Women's Art, Jatki Gallery, Wroc?aw (organized by Natalia LL with participating: Carolee Schneemann, Noemi Midan,
Suzy Lake, and exhibited then in Lousanne)
— Presentation, Gallery of Critics, Warsaw
— La post-avanguardia, Centro Experimenta, Naples
— VI Biennale Internationale delia Grafca d'Arte, Florence
— Contemporary Art of Wroc?aw, National Museum, Wroc?aw
— The other media, Studio Gallery, Warsaw
— Art as the extreme of consciousness, BWA Szczecin
— Extreme Art, Gallery ON in Poznan and PERMAFO Gallery in Wroc?aw
— Graphics (Methods, Attitudes, Tendencies), BWA Cracow
— Zeichnungen fuenfzehn polnischer Kunstler, Museum Leverkusen, Leverkusen
— XV Biennale International Arte, Sao Paulo
— International Art Manifestation: Works and Words, Galerie de Appel, Amsterdam
— Documents of reality, National Museum, Warsaw
— VI British International Biennial of Prints, Bradford
— Gruppo PERMAFO, Centro Indiscreto, Rome
— Polish Art, Center of ELAC, Lyons
— The Image of Man in European Art since 1945, Amsterdam
— Polish graphics, National Museum, Wroc?aw
— 35 years of painting in Polish Peoples Republic, National Museum, Pozna?
— Polish photography 1939—1979, ICP New York
— Photography as art — Art as photography 3, Kassel, London, Coimbra, Lisbon, Barcelona
— Feministische Kunst Internationale, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague
— Natalia LL and Andrzej Lachowicz: Photography, National Museum, Wroc?aw
— Feministische Kunst, De Appel Gallery, Amsterdam
— Photographie als Kunst 1879—1979, Kunst als Photographie 1949—1979; Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts in Vienna,
Linz, Graz, Innsbruck
— Extreme art: borderlands of consciousness, BWA Pozna? (exhibition made by PERMAFO Gallery)
— Polish Contemporary Graphics, National Museum, Wroc?aw
— Wroc?aw Vanguard, Jatki Gallery, Wroc?aw
— 35 years of painting in Polish People's Republic, CBWA Warsaw
— Polish Photography 1839—1979; CBWA Warsaw and Muzeum Sztuki, ?ód?
— Book-Art-Documentation, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |
galleria upp | venice
— Drawing, Muzeum Narodowe im. Pu?askiego, Warka
— Feministische Kunst Internationale; Groningen, Middelburg, Breda
— Kunst Internationale, Noorbrandts Museum, Den Bosch
— Biennial of Art, Gallery, Poznan
— Extremal Art, PERMAFO Gallery, Wroc?aw
— Performance in the flm "Extremal Art" by Andrzej Sapija
— Troisième Symposium International d'Art Performance, Oeuvres Plastiques des Artistes de la Performance, Lyon
— Typisch Frau, Bonner Kunstverein und Magers Gallery, Bonn
— Feministische Kunst Internationale, Nijmeegs Museum
— 70—80: New phenomenon in polish art of 70ties, BWA Sopot
— Polish Photography in Seventies, BWA Lublin
— Unidentifed Energies, PERMAFO Gallery, Wroc?aw
— Labyrinths of Self-consciousness (the exhibition accompanying International Drawing Triennale), Historical Museum,
- „Sztuka wspó?czesna w zbiorach Muzeum Narodowego we Wroc?awiu”, CBWA Zach?ta, Warszawa
- „Gott oder Geissel?”, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn
— Gott oder Geissel?, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn Erotic in der Kunst, Kunstverein, Munich
— La Photographie Polonaise, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

— Record, BWA Lublin
— Art on the turn of 70/80ies, Gallery of Wspó?czesny Theatre, Wroc?aw

— Artistic Panel: Art-History, Wspó?czesny Theatre Gallery, Wroc?aw
— Intelectual Trend in Polish Art after Second World War (exhibition and symposium), BWA Lublin

— Exhibition of the Wroc?aw circle, Archdiocese Museum, Warsaw
— Contemporary Polish Art Photography, CBWA Warsaw and National Museum in Wroc?aw
— Wroc?aw Art, National Museum, Wroc?aw
— Visual Arts at West and Northern Territories, BWA Olsztyn
— International Encyclopaedia of Photographers, Camera Obscura, Geneva
— Poolse Avantgarde, Cultureel Centrum, Berchem
— Quinzena Multimedia: 18 1'atitudes de performance, Lisbon
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | | galleria upp | venice
— Symposium "Light of Silence", ?lad Gallery STK, ?ód?
— Polish Photography 1955—1984, Umelecko-prumyslove Museum, Prague
— Second International Portfolio of Artists: Photography Exhibition, Liget Gallery, Budapest

— II Biennial of New Art, Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej, Zielona Góra
— International Art Market "Interart '87", Pozna?
— Contemporary Art of Wroc?aw, National Museum, Wroc?aw
— Self, Frauen Museum, Bonn
— Meetings of artists, critics and art critics in Sandomierz

— Metaphor '88, Muzeum Lubelskie, Lublin
— Yesterday and Today (installation: Downy Tragedy), BWA Sopot
— Polish Intermedial photography, BWA Pozna?
— Presentation of Labirynt Gallery, Centre en Art Actuelle Lieu, Quebec; also in The Alexandre Center, Halifax
— Polish Perceptions (Ten Contemporary Photographers 1977—1988), Collins Gallery, Glasgow

— Lochy Manhattanu (installation: "Secrets"), ?ód?
— Personalities of Intermedial Photography, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw
— Ausstellung Project, Galerie New Space, Fulda
— Art as private gesture, BWA Koszalin
— Transgressions: Borderlands of Photography, BWA Wroc?aw
— 150 years of photography, National Museum, Wroc?aw
— Polish Contemporary Art in Czech Art Collections, Prague
— What is photography: 150 years of photography, Prague

— Schnelle Bilder, Aktuelle Fotokunst im Gesprach, Kunstlerhaus, Wien
— 2X8: Aktuelle Fotokunst aus Polen und der DDR, Zentrutn fur Kunstausstellungen, Berlin
— 15th Festival of Polish Contemporary Painting: Crossroads of Painting, BWA Szczecin
— Part and Whole, Market Pavillon, Pozna?

— 1st Meeting of Active Art (installation: Vision Space), Wie?a Ci?nie? Gallery, BWA, Konin (text: nazy Avant-garde)
— Passagen der Photographie: Aktuelle Photo-kunst aus Polen, Schloss Werkersdorff
— KUNST/EUROPA (installation: Panicky Sphere), Schloss Agustusburg, Bruehl
— New Spaces of Photography (installation: Gnothi Seauton), Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw
— 20th Century Art Collection of Art Museum in Lodz, CBWA Warsaw
— 70 Jahre polnischer Photoavangarde, Kultur-form, Rheine
— Individual Art or Republic of Independent Artists, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw
— Polish Women-artists, National Museum, Warsaw
— 19th International Biennial of Graphic Art, Modern? Galerija, Ljubljana

— Presence III: 7X1, BWA Poznan
— 19 x 1: Women in the collection of National Museum in Pozna?, Ethnographical Museum in Pozna?
— Art Museum in Lód?: Collection-Documentation-Actuality, Musee d'Art Contemporain, Lyons
— Great Jubilee Painting Salon, BWA Cracow
— PERMAFO Gallery Documentation, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw
— Mittel Europa: Fin de Siecles, La Grande Halle-la Villette, Paris

– „Skjulte Dimensioner Polsk Samtidsfotograf”, Musset for Fotokunst Odense, Dania; the next exposition in: Gentofte Kunstbibliotek, Copenhagen
– „?ywio?y” (Elements), Pa?stwowa Galeria Sztuki, ?ód?; the next exposition in: Galeria Domu Artysty Plastyka, Warszawa
– „Transgresje II”, Muzeum Narodowe, Wroc?aw (installation Energy of space)
– 30 years of Osieki, 1965–1981, Exhibition – Document”, Muzeum Okr?gowe in Koszalin

– „Europa – Europa” (Vanguard Art of 20th Century in Central and East Europe), Bundes Kunst und Ausstellung Halle, Bonn (works from the series of Consumer Art)
– „Ars Erotica“, Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie (installation Common Objects)
– „Hautevolle“, Galerie Rähnitzgasse, Drezno (works from the series of Destructs and the installation with masks)
– „Mnemosyne“ , Palais im Grossen Garten, Dresden (the work referring to the form of Pascal Triangle)
– „Videoprzestrzenie / Videospaces“, Pa?stwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot
– International Biennial of Art, New Delhi (installation Veraikons mounted with self-portraits on photocanvas freely cast on chairs)
– „OIKOS“, Muzeum Okr?gowe, Bydgoszcz (installation Anatomy of a Room)

– „Sztuka jako my?l – sztuka jako energia“ (Art as Thought – Art as Energy), International Drawing Triennale, Muzeum
Architektury, Wroc?aw. A selection of works from the exhibition was presented also in Galeria Arsena? in Bia?ymstok and
in Muzeum Warmii i Mazur in Reszel
– „Mit Haut und Haar“ ( Marina Abramovic, Valie Export, Natalia LL, Friederike Pezold), Forum Schloss Platz, Aarau, Switzerland
– „Museum of Time Sign from the collection of Museum Modern Art in Hünfeld“, Galeria Awangarda BWA, Wroclaw
– „Arty?ci polscy na festiwalach mi?dzynarodowych 1975 – 1995“ (Polish Artists on International Art Festivals), Muzeum
Narodowe, Wroc?aw
– „Body as Membrane“, Kunsthallen Brands Kaederfabrik, Odense, Dania; next shown at The Nordic Arts Centre,
Helsinki (works of 17 women artists, among them: Valie Export, Mary Kelly, Orlan, Gina Pane, Carolee Schneemann.
Natalia LL exhibited her works from the years 1978– 1987, which are photographic records of performances)
– „Despite / Difference – Polki“, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
– „Kobieta o kobiecie“ (Woman about woman), Galeria Bielska, Bielsko– Bia?a (works of 25 polish women artists)
– „Arty?ci polscy dla Muzeum w Vukowarze“ (Polish artists for Vukowar Museum), Galeria Zach?ta, Warszawa (works
from the cycles Panic Heads and Vision Heads)
– „International exhibition – Action: Every Meter for Art“, Galeria Arsena? BWA, Bia?ystok; shown also in Salzwedeler,
Germany (drawings from the cycle The touch of the devil)
– „Arty?ci Wroc?awia“ (Artists from Wroc?aw), Galeria Zach?ta, Warszawa
– „Refections on death – Death as an object in Art“, Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Cz?stochowa
– „Sources of Freedom“, Galeria Awangarda BWA, Wroc?aw
– „Photography ’97“, Fundacja Turleja, Pa?ac Sztuki, Kraków
– „Registractions and expressions. Photography Festival Spectrum“, Muzeum Narodowe, Wroc?aw
– „Collection for 1000 years of Gda?sk, Galeria ?a?nia, Gda?sk
– „Jeder Meter für die Kunst“, Rathausfoyer, Stadt Landshut; Kulturrathaus, Dresden

– „Body and the east“, Moderna Galerija, Lublana, S?owenia
– „Fields of Individuality“, Galeria Miejska Arsena?, Pozna?
– „Galeria ?lad“, Centrum Sztuki Wspó?czesnej – Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa
– Exhibitin of the works given by the artists to the National Museum of Wroc?aw on the occasion of its 50th anniversary,Muzeum Narodowe, Wroc?aw

– „Without the Wall“, Marmorean Pallace, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg (installation of Veraikons)
– „Fotografa i przestrze?“ (Photography and Space), Galeria FF, ?ód? (installation of the works from the series Soul of a
– „Malarstwo 1999“ (Painting 1999), Galeria Stara BWA, Lublin (works from the series Soul of aTree)
– „International Performance – Trawnik ’99“, Muzeum Narodowe, Szczecin
– „Confronting Apocalypse – A kiss of death“, Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko– Bia?a (works from the series Down
– Berührungen – Tradition und Gegenwent Breslauer Fotografe, Galerie Lichtforum, Vienna
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |
galleria upp | venice
– „Transmission“, Instytut Kultury, Strassburg, France
– „2000 + Arteast Collection“, Museum of Modern Art, Lublana
– „Painting, Drawing, Graphics, Installation“, Bielskie Centrum Kultury, Bielsko–Bia?a
– „Selfportraits“, Galeria Grodzka BWA, Lublin
– „Die Körperlichkeit des Körpers“, Galerie Pankow, Berlin
– „Body Corporality“, Muzeum Sztuki, ?ód?’
(in both above exhibitions the works The Birth According to the Body / The Birth According to the Spirit were shown)
– „Attitudes – Peculiar Artist’s Aim“, Galeria Stara BWA, Lublin
– „Opened Book – The city of Hünfeld“, Galeria Awangarda BWA, Wroc?aw
– „Transgression – ein Fotografscher Discurs“, Künstlerhaus, Vienna
– „Genius Loci“, Muzeum Architektury, Wroc?aw (work from the series Freedom Birds consisting of a banner and
– „International Collection of Contemporary Art“, Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa
– „2000 + Arteast Collection“, Congress Innsbruck
– „Around Decade – Polish Photography of 90s“, expositions in: Muzeum Sztuki in ?ód?, Muzum Narodowe in Wroc?aw,
Galeria Pusta GCK in Karowice (works from the series Freedom Birds)
– „Autonomous Conceptual Movement in Poland“, Galeria Stara BWA, Lublin (works from the series Consumer Art and
– „Biennale de Liege – Photographie et Arts Visuelles“, MAMAC, Liege
– „Person / Zeit / Raum – Fotografe aus Polen“, Museum für Moderne und zeitgenössiche Kunst Rupertinum, Salzburg
– Anniversary exhibition for 25 years of Ma?a Galeria, Ma?a Galeria ZPAF – CSW, Warszawa
– „2000 + Arteast collection, Art Gallery, Skopje
– „Zanikanie / La Disparition“, Centrum Sztuki Wspó?czesnej – Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa
– „Around Decade – Polish Photography of 90s“, Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko– Bia?a (works from the cycle Freedom
– „Architectures of gender – Contemporary Women Art in Poland“, Sculpture Center, New York (installation Calamitas
– The Show of Polish Women Artists Films 1970 – 1980, Gallery of the Kitchen, New York
– „Collection 1998 – 2003“, Muzeum Narodowe, Wroc?aw
– „5th Triennale of Sacrum Art – Towards The Civilisation of Life“, Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Cz?stochowa
– „UH Galleries, Art and Design“, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfeld
– „5th Triennale of Sacrum Art– Towards the Civilisation of Life“, Pa?stwowa Galeria Sztuki in Sopot, and than shown in:
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |
galleria upp | venice
Centrum Sztuki Galeria EL in Elbl?g, Galeria Sztuki in Legnica, Wa?brzyska Galeria Sztuki Zamek Ksi??
– „La Disparition“, Hall de la Salle Multi, Quebec, Kanada
– „Labyrinth – 2004“, Galeria Stara BWA, Lublin
– „Wroc?aw Impressions“, Muzeum Narodowe, Wroc?aw
– Art Pozna? 2004 – I Krajowe Targi Sztuki, Stary Browar, Pozna?
– „Czarny kwadrat“ (Black Square), Galeria Arsena?, Bia?ystok
– „Warszawa – Moskwa / Moskwa – Warszawa 1900–2000“, Galeria Zach?ta, Warszawa
– „Ja – Inni. AUTO–portret fotografi“ (I – Others. SELF– portrait of Photography, Galeria Sztuki BWA, Jelenia Góra
– „Miejsca wspólne“ (Common Places), the exhibition of works by pedagogues teaching in ZSF of Art Academy in
Pozna?, Stary Browar, Pozna?
– „Spole?na Mista“, Dúm Um?ni, Opava
– „Sculpture Azimuth – Collection of Sculpture Center in Oro?sko“, Miejska Galeria Sztuki in ?od?
– „Egocentric, immoral, old– fashioned, – Contemporary images of artists“, Narodowa Galeria Sztuki Zach?ta,
– „Spiel 01“ (works of Kinga Dunikowski and Natalii LL’s Consumer art), brot.undspiele galerie, Berlin
– „Gemeinsame Orte – Kunst Aus Posen“, Automobil Forum, Berlin
– „Sygna?“ (Signal), Dolno?l?ska Zach?ta, Muzeum Architektury we Wroc?awiu
– „Ja – Inni, AUTO–portret fotografi“ (I–Others, SELF–portrait of Photography), Galeria Sztuki BWA w Jeleniej Górze
– „Collection 2000 Plus”, Muzeum Narodowe, Wroc?aw
– „Jeux Interdits – collection of Galeria Arsena? and Podlaskie Towarzystwo Zach?ty Sztuk Pi?knych, Institut Polonais,
– „1st exhibition of Silesian collection of contemporary art.”, Katowice
– „Works from the Silesian collection of contemporary art.”, Instytut Polski, Düsseldorf
– „ZAMIESZKANIE, Ein deutsch – polnisches Project Sich Einrichten”, Motorenhalle, Dresden
– „KONTAKT ... works from the collection of Erste Bank Group”, Museum Moderner Konst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna
– „...Let me have my lips wet in spring water... John Paul II – Rome Tryptych, part I, Spring”, Galeria Grodzka, Lublin
– „20th Century of polish photography from the collection of Muzeum Sztuki in ?ód?”, Shoto Museum of Art. in Tokio,
and than: Niigata City Art. Museum, Niigata
– „POWO?ANIE – regional collection of Zach?ta Sztuki Wspó?czesnej in Szczecin”, Galeria Sektor I, Górno?l?skie
Centrum Kultury, Katowice
– „Collection in the centre of events – the notion of modernity”, Lubelskie Towarzystwo Zach?ty Sztuk Pi?knych,
Muzeum Lubelskie, Lublin
– „Wroc?aw Skyscrapers”, Muzeum Narodowe, Wroc?aw
– „Other Media”, Galeria Awangarda BWA, Wroc?aw
– „1, 2, 3... Avant-garde, Experiment, Film / Art. / Archive”, Centrum Sztuki Wspó?czesnej – Zamek Ujazdowski,
– „Begining – the collection of Warmi?sko– Mazurskie Towarzystwo Zach?ty Sztuk Pi?knych in Olsztyn, Muzeum Warmii
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |
galleria upp | venice
i Mazur, Olsztyn
– „Mit Macht zur Wahl. 100 Jahre Frauenwahirecht in Europa”, Frauen Museum, Bonn
– „KONTAKT Belgrade. Works from the collection of Erste Bank Group“, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrad
– „COLLECTION – possessions of Galeria BWA in Lublin, Galeria Grodzka, Lublin
– „Time Signs – Silesian collection of contemporary art“, Galeria Arsena?, Bia?ystok
– „Inspirations – Fascinations – Refections“, Muzem Miejskie Wroc?awia, Wroc?aw
– „IDENTITY – collection of Dolno?l?skie Towarzystwo Zach?ty Sztuk Pi?knych“, Muzeum Architektury, Wroc?aw
– „FOTO – Aspekte Fotomedialekunst aus Polen“, Museum Kunst Palas, Düsseldorf
– „Fotografe, Nove media – fragment Slezské Um?lecké Sbirky“, Instytut Polski, Prague
– „2 ou 3 choses que j’ignore d’elles“, 49 Nord Gest Frac Lorraine, Metz, Francja (works from the series Consumer Art)
– „Art collections of XX and XXI century. Sketch 1: Art and policy“, Muzeum Sztuki, ?ód? – „Woman about woman“,
Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko–Bia?a
– „Berliner Liste 07 – International Art Fair“, presentation made by Foto–Medium–Art Gallery of Kraków, artists:
Codemanipulator, Kinga Dunikowski, Wincenty Dunikowski–Duniko, Natalia LL (Consumer Art)
- “POLNISCHE PHOTOKUNST der Siebziger Jahre” Galerie am Domplatz, Halle
- “CZAS ZAPAMI?TANY – Ma?a Galeria 1977 – 2006” Centrum Sztuki Wspó?czesnej, Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa
- “Polska Fotografa w XX wieku” Pa?ac Kultury i Nauki, Warszawa
- “30th Anniversary Show” Galeria Foto Medium Art, Kraków
- “Zatrute ?ród?o. Wspó?czesna Sztuka Polska w Pejzanu Poromantycznym” Latvian National Museum of Art, Ryga
- “Fotografa – Historia i Sztuka. Wybór z kolekcji Muzeum Narodowego we Wroc?awiu” Muzeum Narodowe we
- re.act.feminism, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
- Now! Artists of Foto-Medium-Art Gallery, Mazovian Centre of Contemporary Art Elektrownia, Radom
- Darkside, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Swiss
- 1, 2, 3... Avant-Gardes, Tate Modern Gallery, London
- Between matter and illusion, Labirynt 2 Gallery, Lublin
- For Natalia ('S?dzia G?ówny' Group and Karol Radziszewski), 86 Gallery, ?ód?
- Dreamers and Witnesses. XXth Century Polish Photography, Month of Photography, Cracow
- Post-consumer Art - collection of Zach?ta Sztuki Wspó?czesnej, Szczecin
- Mit Macht zur Wahl -100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht in Europa, Stadtmuseum Hofheim am Taunus, Hofheim
- Cutting realities - Gender Strategies in Art, Austrian Cultural Forum, New York
- Why there is always somewhere else, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
- Mind Antipodes, Manhattan Gallery, ?ód?
- Separation - XVIII Media Festival Man in dispersion, Cinematography Museum, ?ód?
- Game Museum - Polish art after 1945, Wozownia Art Gallery, Toru?
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |
galleria upp | venice
- Awake and dream, Signum Foundation, Palazzo Doni, Venice
- The most true love stories. Allegories of love in contemporary Polish art, Muzeum Okr?gowe, Bydgoszcz
- Silesian collection of contemporary art, BWA Bielska Gallery, Bielsko-Bia?a
- Presence and Depth - collection of BWA Gallery in Lublin, Grodzka Gallery, Lublin
- International collection of contemporary art - edition 5, Contemporary Art Centre, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw
- Drawing deliberations, Grodzka Gallery - Labirynt 2 Gallery, Lublin
- Polish collectioners photography 5, Auction House Rempex, Warsaw
- From simulation towards new symbolization, aspects of photography in the beginning of XXI century, 6th Biennale of
photography, Stary Browar, Pozna?
- „Fotografa – prawda i nieprawda” Galeria Grodzka BWA, Lublin
- „Najprawdziwsze historie mi?osne. Alegorie mi?o?ci we wspó?czesnej sztuce polskiej” Muzeum Narodowe w
- „Gender Check. Femininity and Masculinity in the Art of Eastern Europe” Zach?ta, Narodowa Galeria Sztuki,
Warszawa more
- „Sympozjum Wroc?aw'70 czterdzie?ci lat pó?niej” Muzeum Architektury, Wroc?aw
- „Otwarte Archiwum / Sympozjum Wroc?aw 70’” Fundacja Profle, Warszawa
- „LABIRYNT – zakr?ty awangardy” Wystawa dzie? sztuki z Kolekcji BWA w Lublinie,
- „Performance und Aktionskunst in Osteuropa in den 1970 er Jahren” Universität Zu Köln, Kunsthistorisches Institut
Köln, Filmclub 813,
- „Rzeczy budz? uczucia – Things evoke feelings” Wybrane narracje z Kolekcji CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Warszawa
- „Obraz Kolekcji” Prace z Kolekcji Galerii Arsena? i Podlaskiego Towarzystwa Zach?ty Sztuk Pi?knych, Galeria Arsena?,
- „Si?a Sztuki”, Lwowski Pa?ac Sztuki, Lwów 16.07 - 18.08.2010
- „Oh no, not sex and death again!”, Pa?stwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot
- Art Show (wystawa w ramach Biennale Mediations 2010), Galeria S?odownia, Stary Browar, Pozna?
- Konceptualizm. Medium fotografczne , Muzeum Miasta ?odzi (Pa?ac Pozna?skiego), Wystawa w ramach Focus ?ód?
- „U?piony kapita? – Latent Capital”, Fotografa XX wieku z kolekcji Cezarego Pieczy?skiego, Oran?eria, Muzeum Pa?ac
Wilanowie, Warszawa
- „Fading Traces. Kobiety sztuki lat 70-tych” Anka Le?niak, Galeria Manhattan, (wystawa towarzysz?ca Fokus ?ód?
Biennale), ?ód?
- SPORES Kolekcja Regionalna Zach?ty Sztuki Wspó?czesnej w Szczecinie, budynek [OXYGEN], Szczecin
- „Kolonie cz??? III” Natalia LL i Justyna Gruszczyk, Galeria Rondo Sztuki, Katowice
- Random in Radom. IV Festiwal Sztuki im. Jerzego Buszy, Centrum Rze?by Polskiej w Oro?sku, Mazowieckie
Centrum Sztuki Wspó?czesnej „Elektrownia” w Radomiu
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |
galleria upp | venice
- "Trzy kobiety. Maria Pini?ska-Bere?, Natalia Lach-Lachowicz i Ewa Partum" Zach?ta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki
Warszawa, 1.03 – 8.05.2011
- BOX – 2010/2011 „II ODS?ONA” ze zbiorów Dolno?l?skiego Towarzystwa Zach?ty Sztuk Pi?knych, Muzeum
Architektury we Wroc?awiu, 8.04.2011
- BOX – 2010 „I ODS?ONA” ze zbiorów Dolno?l?skiego Towarzystwa Zach?ty Sztuk Pi?knych, listopad 2011, Muzeum
Architektury, Wroc?aw
- „Thriller” – Wystawa towarzysz?ca festiwalowi Era Horyzonty we Wroc?awiu, Galeria Ceramiki i Szk?a BWA, Wroc?aw,
22.07 -10.08.2011 r., Wroc?aw
- „Wymiana Darów”, projekt/wystawa z udzia?em artystów i publiczno?ci, Muzeum Wspó?czesne, Wroc?aw
- „Konzept – Fotografe aus Polen” Freies Museum Berlin, Berlin 9.09 - 1.10.2011- „Polska Sztuka Wspó?czesna“,
Muzeum Narodowe we Wroc?awiu, 10.09.2011, Wroc?aw
- "Wymiana Darów", Muzeum Wspó?czesne, 03.09 - 25.09.2011ore
- „Nic nie jest wiecznie wa?ne”, „Nothing is eternally important”, Centrum Sztuki Wspó?czesnej – Znaki Czasu, Toru?
29.09 - 20.11.2011
- "ARTISSIMA 18 | Back to the future", Internazionale D'Arte Contempranea, galleria upp, 04.11 - 06.11.2011, Turyn mo
- „Polska Fotografa Konceptualna”, Galeria Sztuki Najnowszej, Galeria BWA, Miejski O?rodek Sztuki, Gorzów
Wielkopolski, 13.11.2011
- "WroConcret. Wroclaw Visual Text 1967+" Muzeum Wspó?czesne Wroc?aw, 16.12.2011 - 30.01.2012 more
- „Narratives of the Perverse III”, Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles, 24.03.2012 do 28.04.2012
- “Thriller”, Galeria Wie?a Ci?nie?, Konin 20.04.2012
- “Teatr ?ycia” (“Theatre of Life”), Centrum Sztuki Wspó?czesnej, Toru? 18.05.2012 do 16.09.2012more
- PHÄNOMEN WOHLSTAND / „Phenomenon Wealth”, riesa afau. Kultur Forum Dresden, Motorenhalle, Drezno
16.05.2012 do 14.07.2012ore
- „Von hieeer aus?”, wystawa/zdarzenie, w ramach projektu „Producenci kontekstów w obliczu przemian, Galeria Spi?
7, Gdansk 25.05.2012 – 26.05.2012
- 8. Edycja Mi?dzynarodowego Festiwalu Sztuki Wizualnej inSPIRACJE „Apocalypse“ - 13 Muz, Szczecin, 1.06.2012
do 31.08.2012more
- „Uwik?ane w p?e?“. Kolekcja Joanny i Krzysztofa Madelskich, Fotofestiwal 2012 w ?odzi, Muzeum Miasta ?odzi, Pa?ac
Pozna?skich od 11 maja do 28 maja 2012
- „Miesi?c fotografi w Krakowie 2002-2012” – Galeria STARMACH, Kraków, maj 2012
- Wystawa W_IDEA (Noc Muzeów w Poznaniu)Studio KB Projekt, Pozna? 19.05.2012 w godz. 1900 do 100
- „Thriller” It’s not only a movie, Miejskie Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych w Lesznie, 25.05.2012 do 27.06.2012, Leszno
- „U?piony kapita?” – Sztuka z kolekcji Barbary i Andrzeja BonarskichOran?eria Muzeum Pa?acu w Wilanowie
29.05.2012 do 29.07.201
galleria upp | Giudecca 282 | I-30133 Venezia | t +39 328 4643887 | |